Name: Windows Repair
Version: v4.0
Size: 36 MB

If Password:

Sometimes you Windows installation can become corrupted due to a poorly installed apps or Malware, which can modify your settings resulting in your system becoming unstable and unusable. With Windows Repair you can restore the original Windows operating system’s settings and fix numerous instabilities and problems. Windows Repair is a selection of Windows repair tools that can help to fix all manner of known Windows problems, including; registry errors, file permissions, Internet Explorer issues, Windows Update problems, and Windows Firewall issues etc.

Fix Windows problems, including:

Unhide Non System Files.
Repair problems with .lnk.
File association.
Internet Explorer.
Windows firewall.
Host file.
Policies set by infections.
Winsock & DNS Ccache.
Proxy settings.
Windows updates.
CD/DVD missing/not working.
Reset registry and file permissions.
Register system files.
Remove temp files.
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