Name: SSH Secure Shell
Version: 3.2.9
Size: 5 Mb

If Password:

Use SSH Secure Shell Client
Obtain and Use SSH Secure Shell Client

The SSH Secure Shell Client is a client for secure, encrypted communication, including file transfer, across networks. You can use it to connect to any server that supports the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, such as opal and ruby . (The client cannot be used with the server.) SSH Secure Shell Client is installed on all SILS lab machines. If you want to get it for your personal computer, follow the instructions below.


1. Download the client, SSH Secure Shell Client, from Remember where you've saved it.
2. Click on the icon to install the client.
3. At the Welcome window, click Next.
4. At the License Agreement window, click Yes.
5. At the Choose Destination Folder window, click Next .
6. At the Select Program Folder window, click Next.
7. At the Select Components window, click Next.
8. At the Check Setup Information window, click Next.
9. When the Setup Status is complete, click Finish.
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