Name: RAM Saver Professional
Version: v18.3
Size: 1.5 MB

If Password:
RAM Saver Pro - a tool for professional monitoring, cleaning and optimizing RAM. It serves to improve the performance of the operating system, freeing RAM from drivers and MS Windows processes for applications requiring maximum CPU and RAM loading. RAM Saver Pro: defragments system memory for quick access to it, improving the efficiency of the processor and the cache of memory; restores memory leak in poorly optimized applications; temporarily places unused libraries and drivers in the swap file, freeing up RAM. Using these methods, it is possible to improve the efficiency of the system even on weak computers.

The main features of the program:
'System Tray' RAM monitor
Desktop Monitor
Specialized Control Panel
Professional monitoring
Flexible optimization with statistics output
RAM-test performance
Monitoring and control of processes occurring in RAM
the possibility of creating boosted-shortcuts
Basic and advanced settings automatic and intelligent Optimization
Quick call tools
Forced clearing the clipboard
The ability to close all applications with one click
Displaying the time since the computer was turned on
Suppression and quick launch of the screen saver
Checking for a CD in the CD-ROM drive
Possibility to hide all desktop icons
Force shutdown and restart the computer

Features of repacking:
1. Does not require registration (key + activator / AutoIt script /) *
2. Interface languages ​​Russian / English / Ukrainian / Belarusian (the rest are deleted)
3. It picks up the external configuration file ramsaverpro.ini (if it is near the installer)
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