Name: HP Integrity Virtual Machines
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HP Integrity Virtual Machines
Developer(s) Hewlett-Packard
Initial release 2005
Stable release
6.3.5 / March 2015
Written in
- C and Itanium Assembly language
Operating system
- HP-UX, Linux, Windows, OpenVMS
-HP Integrity and other Itanium platforms supporting HP-UX
- Virtual machine monitor
- Proprietary

Integrity Virtual Machines is software from Hewlett-Packard that allows multiple virtual machines to run concurrently on any Itanium server running HP-UX, notably the HP Integrity line. It is part of HP's Virtual Server Environment suite.

Exact specifications depend on the precise version and system configuration.

The host configurations are the same as those supported by HP-UX, and can include 128 physical cores and 1TB of main memory.
More than 250 guests can run concurrently, although the optimal number is generally lower, depending on host memory and processor configuration.
Guests can have multiple virtual CPUs, the maximum number in supported configurations being 4 with releases before 4.0, then 8 with release 4.0, 16 with release 4.3, and 32 with 6.3.
Guests can be configured with up to 256GB of memory in version 6.3. In recent releases, memory can be adjusted dynamically for HP-UX guests.
Virtual devices can be added or removed dynamically. The number of virtual devices allowed in supported configurations depends on the release. Versions after 4.3 support up to 256 when accelerated virtual I/Os are used.
The CPU allocation for virtual machines can be adjusted dynamically with a granularity of 1% or 1 MHz. CPU time is allocated by a fair-share scheduler, which delivers better CPU utilization for SMP guests than a more simplistic gang scheduler.
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