Name: Bluestack Android Emulator
Version: 3.7.36
Version: 3
247 MB

If Password:
Bluestacks launched their first alpha version of their android app player on October 11, 2011. The main idea was to allow users to run any mobile app directly from their desktops using a virtualization technology called QEMU, which is also referred to as KVM (Kernel- based virtual machine).

Later On june, 2012 bluestacks released an alpha -1 version of the android app player for MAC OS, MAC OSX project wasn’t successful and was dropped in 2013.

Bluestacks app player allows you to run your favorite mobile games on a large screen without the need to worry running out of disk space or having older version of android on your phone that aren’t compatible with the latest versions of games. As bluestacks app player syncs with your google account you can use the same login to credential to have access to all your favorite games and apps, you can also chose to create icon shortcuts directly on your desktop to have easier and faster access to your mostly used apps and games
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