Acronis Drive Monitor v1.0 [ Free | 16 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

It's free and easy to determine your hard disk's health!
Acronis Drive Monitor gives users extra time to react in order to save data contained on disk devices and to arrange for their replacements. Acronis Drive Monitor checks disk health in the following three categories:
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor v14.0 [ Free | 13 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

Check and monitor the health of your disks!
Check and monitor the health of your disks to prevent data loss using Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.). Detect bad sectors on a disk surface by running Advanced Disk Scan. Instantly retrieve the disk health information from the application running in the System Tray.
ADATA SSD ToolBox v3.0 [ Free | 3.5 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

ADATA SSD ToolBox provides multiple ways for users to obtain disk information, and change settings easily. Additionally, it can speed up your SSD and improve its lifespan.
Applicable products
ADATA Solid State Drives series products
AS SSD Benchmark v2.0 [ Free | 0.2 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

The synthetic tests determine the sequential and random read and write performance of the SSD. These tests are carried out without using the operating system cache. In Seq-test the program measures how long it takes to read a 1 GB file to write respectively. 4K test the read and write performance is determined at random 4K blocks. The 4K-64 corresponds to the test Thrd 4K procedure except that the read and write operations are distributed to 64 threads.
AOMEI Pe Builder v1.5  [ Trial | 76 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

AOMEI PE Builder helps you to FREE create a bootable environment based on Windows PE without installing AIK/WAIK, which integrates a set of tools that enables you to boot up your computer for easy maintenance and fast recovery tasks when the native system is corrupted or cannot be used.
Atto Disk Benchmark v2.47  [ Free | 0.2 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

The ATTO Disk Benchmark application was designed to measure your storage systems performance with transfer sizes and test lengths for reads and write speeds
Beyond Compare 4.1.6 Portable  [ Trial | 13 MB | x32 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

Beyond Compare is a data comparison utility. Aside from comparing files, the program is capable of doing side-by-side comparison of directories, FTP and SFTP directories, Dropbox directories, Amazon S3 directories, and archives.
CHKDSK Gui Portable v0.3.2 Portable  [ Free | ? MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

A GUI front end to Microsoft's command line Check Disk program. The GUI passes the settings selected within the GUI and then launches the command line disk checker in the normal way, using the correct switches. Chkdsk-GUI is a PE Builder v3 plugin.
Corsair SSD Toolbox v1.2 [ Free | 5 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

Individual drive information is shown in the center of the main window. When your SSD controller is in AHCI mode, you can update your SSD firmware from this page using the button circled in red below. The firmware update requires AHCI mode. AMD/nVidia chipset systems may require different storage drivers for proper operation. USB connected SSD drives must use SAT-capable cables/enclosures that support ATA/SAT-pass-through.
Crucial Storage Executive v3.5 [ Free | 365 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

This free downloadable tool enables your Crucial SSD to become even faster and allows it to get periodic updates so it’s constantly performing at its best. With Storage Executive, you can see how much storage (GB) you’ve used, download the latest firmware, monitor the drive’s temperature, reset your encryption password, and enable the Momentum Cache feature, which makes many SSD operations up to 10x faster.*
Disk Savvy Ultimate v10.8  [ Trial | 12 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

DiskSavvy is developed and supported by Flexense Ltd. - an independent software vendor specialized in data management software products for automated disk space analysis, file classification, file synchronization, rule-based file management, server monitoring, file delete and data wiping operations.
Disk Boss v9.3  [ Trial | 14 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

DiskBoss is an automated, rule-based data analysis and file management solution allowing one to perform disk space analysis operations, file classification, duplicate files search and cleanup, high-speed file synchronization and secure data migration, bulk file delete and secure data wiping operations, disk change monitoring, automated, policy-based file management and more.
HD Tune v2.55 Portable  [ Free / Limitted | 2.8 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

HD Tune is a Hard Disk utility which has the functions: Measures the performance, shows detailed information, checks the health status by using SMART, scans the surface for errors and Temperature display
HDD Raw Copy Tool v1.1 [ Free | 3 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

Supported OS: MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2
HDD Raw Copy Tool is a utility for low-level, sector-by-sector hard disk duplication and image creation.Supported interfaces: S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, USB, FIREWIRE.
Big drives (LBA-48) are supported. Supported HDD/SSD Manufacturers: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Kingston, Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, and almost any other not listed here.
HDShredder v5.0  [ Free | 45 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

HDShredder deletes the contents of hard disks and other mass storage media reliably at the physical level. HDShredder can also be applied to individual partitions and the user can select to perform the deletion according to international security standards. HDShredder works independent of partition layout, file sys­tem and operating system. It also works with proprietary formats which otherwise would be inaccessible.
Kingston® SSD Manager v1.0  [ Free | 70 MB | x32_x64 | Windows 10/ 8 / 7 ]

Kingston® SSD Manager is an application that provides users with the ability to monitor and manage various aspects of their Kingston® Solid State Drive.
With Kingston® SSD Manager you will be able to:
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