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Version: 2.1
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WinZip is a shareware file archiver and compressor for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android developed by WinZip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing). It can create archives in Zip file format, and unpack some other archive file formats.


Pack (create) ZIP archive files.
Unpack BZ2, LHA, LZH, RAR, ZIP, 7Z.
Decode B64, HQX, UUE files.
Configurable Microsoft Windows Shell integration
Direct write of ZIP archives to CD/DVD
Automation of backup jobs
Integrated FTP upload
Email ZIP archives
Support for ARC and ARJ archives if suitable external programs are installed.

Supported .ZIP archive features
128- and 256-bit key AES encryption in addition to the less secure PKZIP 2.0 encryption method used in earlier versions. The AES implementation, using Brian Gladman's code, was FIPS-197 certified, on March 27, 2003. However, Central Directory Encryption feature is not supported.
Beginning with WinZip 9.0, ZIP64 archives are supported, eliminating both the maximum limit of 65,535 members for single archive and the 4-gibibyte size limit on either the archive and each member file.
Support of additional compression methods: bzip2 (9.0), PPMd (10.0), WavPack (11.0), LZMA (12.0), JPEG (12.0).
Unicode support to ensure international characters are displayed for filenames in a Zip file. (WinZip prior to 11.2 does not support Unicode characters in filenames.[8][9] Attempting to add these files to an archive results in the error message "Warning: Could not open for reading: ...")
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