Name: Tpad SoftPhone
Version: v3.0.1
Size: 6 MB

If Password:
This is a Softphone designed to connect to the Tpad Voice over IP Network, in order to ease the configuration process for their own clients. It has a nice looking interface with all the basics: a contact book, call history, a keypad to dial phone numbers, private contacts book, a search tool to find new contacts, and a personal profile with information like name, gender, country, phone number, etc.

Since it is intended for beginners, Its menus are limited to basic tasks like ringtone and volume level configuration, or for contact administration.

It works with Windows and is free to download, in order to get it started you will need to register with Tpad to get a user id and password.

If you are a power user who needs a softphone with lots of features and flexibility, that lets you, for example, switch providers or PBX, this is not the application for you, but if you are a Tpad client who doesn't want to configure servers and only needs to start making calls, then you may find it really helpful.
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