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Despite an endless procession of tools over the last few years, creating a web site with any sophistication has remained difficult unless you’re willing to go for a very generic look. Even using a template, getting your content looking like you want it to look and behaving how you want it to behave can be very tough, particularly if you’re going to effectively support mobile access (the number of sites that still look terrible on mobile browsers is amazing) and now, thanks to Google, being mobile-compatible is de rigueur if you want to score with SEO.

Mobirise is an OS X, Windows, and Android application that’s one of the few easy-to-use applications providing a “mobile first”, Retina ready, drag and drop development model. Built on Bootstrap 3, one of the most popular responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks available, the application’s user interface lets you select various types of “blocks”, place them on pages, and then customize them.
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