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TRKY-Dns Setting is the first and only program of its kind.

Our reason for developing this program is; Daily ordinary internet usage
Frequently due to problems with domain name servers
Can not see the page we're looking for, there is no domain,
Name server query requests are very slow because of internet
Slowing down the speed of movement, etc. "
We need to be in need of trouble and discomfort.

On TTNet, there are a large number of DNS servers ready for service.
But due to lack of configuration / maintenance in DHCP systems;
Meaninglessly; All the users have the same DNS server addresses
As the result of stacking and stacking on these servers
Causing the performance problems we mentioned above.

While TRKY-Dnansyar has been in operation since its establishment; TTNET
And by other internet service providers in Turkey
From the ones in good condition from the operated DNS servers
By selecting the one that best fits you from the list we have prepared,
You will get performance and you will be able to use the DNS server.
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