Name: Rename Master
Version: 3.11
Size: 2 Mb

If Password:
Rename Master is a comprehensive freeware file renamer that will allow you to perform complicated bulk renaming operations at the click of a mouse.

This application is a functional program - don't expect flash graphics or snazzy extras. What Rename Master will give you, however, is amazing control over how and what you rename, which is perfect when you have a lot of files you want to change. The program works using scripts, or lists of instructions about what to change.

Rename Master uses multiple-level instructions, so you can change more than one aspect of the file's name in a single renaming operation. The program offers a default script, which covers the basics and then some. If you want to create and save your own, however, you'll be able to.

Rename Master works quickly and smoothly, even with lots of files. There's also a preview function, so if you make multiple changes to a file you'll be able to see what the finished version will look like even before Rename Master gets to work.

Rename Master is a powerhouse of a renaming program - get it while you can.
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