Name: HDClone Free Edition
Version: 7.0.2
Size: 2 GB

If Password:
HDClone copies the entire contents of hard disks and other IDE/ATA, SATA/eSATA, SCSI, USB, and Firewire media on a physical level.

This even allows for the smooth creation of backups or copies of complete operating system installations.
In combination with the special 'SafeRescue' mode of HDClone, this technique is also perfect for rescuing data in case of defective hard disks.

Furthermore, HDClone works independent of a partition layout, file system and operating system (i. e. it works with FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.
). Thus, it also works with proprietary data formats which could not be accessed otherwise. Besides copying complete drives, it is also possible to apply it to certain partitions only.
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