Name: Gsmart Control
Version: 0.8.7
Size: 6 Mb

If Password:
GSmartControl is a program that provides a graphical user interface for runningsmartmontools' smartctl. Linux, Mac, and Windows users can install GSmartControl, and a portable version is available in ZIP form if you're running Windows.
The supported Windows versions include Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. GSmartControl also works with Windows 10.
Once up and running, just double-click any of the listed hard drives to open that drive's Device Information window. PATA and SATA drives are supported as well as some USB to ATA bridges and some RAID connected drives. A separate tab holds different information and functions of the hard drive.
The Identity tab contains information like the drive's serial number, model number,firmware version, ATA version, smartctl version, total capacity, sector sizes, and an overall health self-assessment test score.
You'll find SMART attributes in the Attributes tab. SMART is a system designed to predict certain failures of a drive to warn you in advance so you can take preventative measures to avoid data loss. Some of the attributes are seek error rate, spin-up retry count, high fly writes, raw read error rate, free fall protection, and airflow temperature.
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