Name: Disk2vhd
Version: 2.1
Size: 0.8 MB

If Password:
Disk2Vhd is a free utility software developed by SysInternals for Windows-based PCs. With this software, users can create Virtual Hard Disk (VHD- Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk format) of physical disks for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines or Microsoft Virtual PC.

The app features Windows’ Volume Snapshot tool that creates consistent real-time snapshots of the volumes being converted. It also allows users to create VHDs on local volumes; although, its performance would be better if it’s on a different location.

In addition, this freeware retains the disk’s partition details and copies only the data contents on each volume. It also features command-line option that allows users to create the VHDS based on their needs such as the capability to specify the volumes by drive letter.
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