Name: Deft linux
Version: v8.2
Size: 3.3 GB

If Password:
DEFT is a household name when it comes to digital forensics and intelligence activities since its first release way back in 2005. The Linux distribution DEFT is made up of a GNU/Linux and DART(Digital Advanced Response Toolkit), a suite dedicated to digital forensics and intelligence activities. DEFT is touted as a top choice among security and law enforcement agencies for the computer forensic investigations. But what makes DEFT such a capable distro? Let’s take a look.
How To Install DEFT?
​Depending on the version of DEFT you choose, your installation is going to vary. On the standard edition, the process is quite simple. The system is installed via a standard wizard where the user must answer a few questions. The operation that requires most attention is the partitioning of the mass memory to host the system. The minimum requirements is an X86 CPU 200Mhz and 128 MB RAM. DEFT Zero based on Lubuntu features a different approach since it is a Live MODE edition. All you have to do is boot up and start using.
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