Name: Crystal CPUID
Version: 4.14
Size: 500 Kb

If Password:
CrystalCPUID is a CPU identification utility. Main Features: - Support AMD64/EM64T - Intel SpeedStep Control (AT YOUR OWN RISK) - AMD K6/K7/K8 Multiplier/Voltage Change (AT YOUR OWN RISK) - VIA CyrixIII/C3 Multiplier Change (AT YOUR OWN RISK) - Multiplier Management - MSR Editor/MSR Walker (AT YOUR OWN RISK) - Clock, Cache, System Clock, Multiplier - Feature Flags - CPUID - Process Rule - Code Name - Multi Processor - PCI Device List - Chipset/VGA information - BIOS Information - Change Dialog Font - Change Wallpaper - Automatic startup with activation of multiplier management
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