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Name: BitComet Password Decryptor
Version: 2.0

If Password:  net-az.info
BitComet Password Decryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover all the website and torrent passwords stored by BitComet software.BitComet is a powerful BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download management software with advanced features. Like most of the softwares, it also offers to remember the passwords for downloaded websites or torrent sites.

BitComet Password Decryptor helps you to automatically find and recover all these saved passwords from BitComet profile location. Once recovered, you can also backup the password list to HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file.
It presents both GUI as well as command line interface which will be useful for penetration testers & Forensic investigators.
BitComet Password Decryptor is fully portable and works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.
Instantly scan and recover all stored Website login passwords from BitComet software
Automatically detect the BitComet Profile location
Features both GUI interface & Command-line version
Useful for Penetration testers & Forensic investigators
Recover BitComet passwords from local as well as remote system
Easier and faster to use with user friendly GUI interface.
Generate detailed password recovery report in HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file format
Support for local Installation and uninstallation of the software

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