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Name: Asterisk Password Spy
Version: 6.0

If Password:  net-az.info
Asterisk Password Spy
It's user friendly interface can help you to easily find the passwords from any Windows based application.You can simply drag the 'search icon' to any password box to find the real password hidden by those Most applications do not display real password in the login box for security reasons and instead they show the asterisks (****). But often there is need to know the actual password especially if you have forgotten password that you have entered while ago.
In such cases, AsteriskPasswordSpy will help you to easily find out the real password hidden behind asterisks.
Asterisk Password Spy works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.
Instantly reveal the hidden password behind asterisks.
Support most of the windows based applications
Nice user friendly GUI interface makes it easier & faster
Show password of any length & complexity
Sort feature to quickly arrange and search through discovered passwords.
Save the recovered password list to HTML/XML/CSV file.
Support for local Installation and uninstallation of the software.

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