Name: Advanced tokens manager
Version: v3.5
1.2 MB

If Password:
Advanced Tokens Manager is a safe and lightweight application which will help you backup and restore the activation keys and tokens for your MS Windows and Office products. The program will create a complete backup of all your activation data and will let you easily restore it whenever needed, without affecting or modifying the activation system.

Advanced Tokens Manager offers a 100% success rate for the activation restore and is capable of using the same backup to recover the activation status on the same computer without any limitations. The program is able to support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of your Microsoft products.

Advanced Tokens Manager includes a backup integrity checker featuring CRC32 which will help you easily verify all your backed up data. The application supports all the software license activation channels. By using this utility you will also be able to update all your drivers or even install a fresh copy of your Windows system with new updates and service packs without losing activation.
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