About Me

My name is Kanan Karimov. I am an IT Assistance and i have just shared programs and pdfs which are i use at my work also

About web site

  This web site has been created for IT technicians and who loves computers and networking olso  In this web site you can fins a lot of dofferent and useful programs and some PDFs which you can use it for any of your works. Just download them and enjoy You can use pages links and files downloading links text and pictures for your web site. But try to do not brake the copyrights.

Contact Info

> E-mail:                           kkerimov9@gmail.com
> Phone/Whatsapp       +99455 850 17 09
> Facebook:                    facebook.com/kkerimov9
> Skype:                           kenan.kerimov46
> Instagram:                    kerimov_kenan
> LinkedIn:                      Kenan Kerimov
> Youtube:                       Information Technology
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