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Name: ASLR Process Scanner
Version: 1.5

If Password:  net-az.info
ASLR Process Scanner is the free command-line tool to scan and show all the ASLR enabled Processes.
ASLR (Address space layout randomization) is one of the effective security feature introduced since Windows Vista to protect Process against successful exploitation. It hinders some types of security attacks by randomizing the addresses.

ASLR Process Scanner helps you to perform following things,

Show all ASLR enabled Processes
Show all Non-ASLR or ASLR disabled Processes
Check the ASLR status of Process with the ID
Check the ASLR status of Process with the name
Check the ASLR status of Executable File Path
Being a command-line tool makes it easy to automate through scripting. Also it can be handy tool for developers and researchers.

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